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             JPZ Jazz Quintet
                 (Geneva Jazz Band)

     Seasoned but the ardor intact here is the
charismatic Jean-Pierre Zoppetti in his
interpretation of the great swing classics and
of French song.
    Rich vocal exchanges with Malcolm Potter who is in charge of the English-speaking repertoire
great crooners and pop music, this new show is a dynamic journey
and friendly that connects French song and swing, jazz and pop, biting Trenet and
Sinatra, stroking Salvador and Nat King Cole, revisiting The Beatles, Sting, Stevie Wonder
and Nougaro, picking up not-so-dead leaves ...
    The slightest whisper of the powerful but warm voice of Jean-Pierre Zoppetti is
highlighted by his quartet (conducted by jazzman Malcolm Potter), a real felted setting
for these sound jewels, this musical heritage that we find in the attics of our

Jean-Pierre Zoppetti
vocals, percussion

Malcolm potter
vocals, double bass

Dan Dumon

Patrick Argentier

Yohan Jacquier
Sax, flute

     Professional drummer and singer from the age of 14
years Jean-Pierre Zoppetti began to
crack down and serve with passion in
numerous orchestras from the end of the sixties.
He has accompanied big names such as
Jo Privat, James Lessueur, Bruno
Lorenzoni, Patrick Juvet, the Forbans and
of course Amiable, of whom he was the right arm
for years, without forgetting Julien
Clerc or Marcel Zanini among others during
frequent television broadcasts.
   His group was selected for Eurovision in 1990.
After his experiences in variety and in the musette swing he turned to jazz and
forms the JPZ Jazz Quintet with which he tours in China, Germany,
Switzerland, Italy ...
     Her exceptional voice and charisma take center stage, but her
skill as a musician and his passion for the drums are never far away!

Albums available
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